MicroMedia is a
B2B marketing agency that generates growth.

We help companies grow by delivering intent data, sales-qualified leads and sales.

Better customer experience and striking results.

We can help you to bring in new customers and generate more sales.
We can unite marketing and sales in such a way that will boost every step of the sales process.

That’s the way to more efficient and faster customer acquisition.

Flywheel Gives
Momentum to the Growth

Fill your sales pipeline and grow your business.
MicroMedia Flywheel is a concept that accelerates sales and enhances customer acquisition. Flywheel keeps new customer acquisition and the cost-effective business growth running nonstop. Flywheel enables better targeting of marketing activities – to the right companies, the right decision-makers, and well-timed.

The main benefit of Flywheel is the integration of marketing and sales into a seamless operation with the most effective means of inbound and outbound marketing.

In Finland MicroMedia is the only one to offer this marketing service package. Feel the striking results!

Digital Marketing

Customer-specific marketing directly to decision-makers.
When your marketing objective is to effectively support sales by generating leads and sales opportunities, we can help you there.

We utilize account based marketing methods to reach your customer companies and their decision makers. We will target multi-channel, long-term marketing to those people who influence purchasing decisions. We can find the touchpoints in the different stages of the customer purchase process and reach, activate and engage decision makers and efficiently generate leads from customer companies.


A genuine sales opportunity is ascertained by contacting customers.
MicroMedia PreSales finds out the needs, interests and time window of the potential customer. This insight increases customer understanding, and further enables dynamic segmentation and precise targeting.

With the help of telephone surveys, we can effectively find out the needs and interests of customers. In the discussions we can acquire customer-specific information and refine customer understanding - the right decision-makers, immediate needs, areas of interest and purchase timings. We’ll qualify the leads and arrange meetings.

Every call is a marketing act.

Targeting Services

It all comes down to targeting.
Data-driven, dynamic marketing and sales require a new way of operating, and the information gathered from sales touch points helps refine and target marketing even better.

Our targeting service helps to identify potential customers who are the best fit for you. Directing your marketing and sales measures to a carefully selected target group ensures successful results. Customer insight data produced by marketing and qualification surveys enhances targeting in each spin of the Flywheel.


Better marketing, more customers

Leads and sales opportunities –
striking results you can feel!

With our help, your marketing will generate leads and qualify them as sales opportunities. We can ensure the quality of the leads and populate the sales calendars with quality meetings. We’ll produce valuable customer information for sales and marketing actions.

MicroMedia service areas – targeting and segmenting, account based marketing, and PreSales telemarketing – ensure that your sales pipeline is healthy and creates more business.

Micromedia Sininen B2B Myynti Markkinointi
We can help salespersons to sell more. Founded in Stockholm in 1975, MicroMedia’s mission has remained unchanged throughout the life-time of the company.

Today, our mission is more relevant than ever. By combining well-proven marketing methods and new tools, we are able to effectively activate and support sales throughout the entire purchase process.

MicroMedia employs 50 professionals who are passionate about B2B marketing. MicroMedia office is located in Helsinki.

MicroMedia focuses on B2B marketing and we know the sales work inside out. Thus we are able to offer key marketing strategies and campaigns to generate sales opportunities.

Appreciation • Responsibility • Customer Focus • Continuous Improvement • Determination • Fun